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Aelwyn Elathien (ALE-win el-ATHE-ee-un): Novaana of Werthanin, Mindarin's younger sister.
Agia Muldonai (ah-GEE-uh MUL-doe-nye): The Holy Mountain. Agia Muldonai was the ancient home of the Titans, who lived in Avalione, the city nestled high upon the mountain between its twin peaks. Agia Muldonai has been under Malek's control since the end of the Second Age, when he invaded Kirthanin from his home in exile on the Forbidden Isle.
Alazare (AL-uh-zair): The Titan who cast Malek from Agia Muldonai at the end of the First Age when Malek's Rebellion failed. Severely injured in his battle with Malek, Alazare passed from the stage of Kirthanin history and was never seen again.
Aleta Tomian (uh-LEE-tuh toe-MY-an): Alina's twin, who has a crush on Joraiem in Dal Harat.
Alina Tomian (uh-LEE-nuh toe-MY-an): Aleta's twin.
Aljeron Balinor (AL-jer-on BALL-ih-nore): Novaana of Werthanin (Shalin Bel), travels with his battle brother Koshti.
Allfather: Creator of Kirthanin, who gave control of Kirthanin's day-to-day affairs to the Council of Twelve. To accomplish this task, He gave great power to each of these Titans. Since the time of Malek's Rebellion, Allfather has continued to speak to His creation through prophets who remind Kirthanin of Allfather's sovereign rule.
Andunin (an-DOO-nin): The Nolthanim man chosen by Malek at the Rebellion to be king over mankind.
Arimaar Mountains (AIR-ih-mar): Suthanin's longest range, which runs between Lindan Wood and the eastern coast of Suthanin.
Arindel (AIR-in-del): Corindel's father, king of Enthanin near the beginning of the Third Age.
Assembly: The official gathering of all Kirthanin Novaana who are appointed to represent their family and region.
Autumn Rise: See Seasons.
Autumn Wane: See Seasons.
Avalione (av-uh-lee-OWN): Blessed city and home of the Crystal Fountain. It rests between the peaks of Agia Muldonai and was once the home of the Titans. Like the rest of Agia Muldonai, the city was declared off limits by Allfather at the beginning of the Second Age.
Azaruul butterflies (AZ-uh-rule): Green luminescent butterflies.
Azmavarim (az-MAV-uh-rim): Also known as Firstblades, these swords were forged during the First Age by Andunin and his followers.
Balimere (BALL-ih-mere): Also called Balimere the Beautiful. The most beloved of all the Titans to the lesser creatures of Kirthanin. It is said that when Allfather restores Kirthanin, Balimere will be the first of the faithful Titans to be resurrected.
Barunaan River (buh-RUE-nun): Major north-south river between Kellisor Sea and the Southern Ocean.
Berin: Master of Sulare.
Black Wolves: Creatures created by Malek during his exile on the Forbidden Isle.
Brenim Andira (BREN-im an-DEER-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Dal Harat), Joraiem's younger brother.
Bryar (BRY-er): Novaana of Werthanin, Elyas's older sister.
Caan (KAHN): Combat instructor for the Novaana in Sulare.
Calendar: There are ninety-one days in every season, making the year 364 days. The midseason feast days are not numbered and instead are known only by their name (Midsummer, Midautumn, etc.). They fall between the fifteenth and sixteenth day of each season. These days are "outside of time" in part as a tribute to the timelessness of Allfather; they also look forward to the time when all things will be made new.
Calissa (kuh-LISS-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Kel Imlarin), Darias's sister.
Cimaris Rul (sim-AHR-iss RULE): Town at the mouth of the Barunaan River where it pours into the Southern Ocean.
Col Marena (KOLE muh-REEN-uh): Port near Shalin Bel.
Corindel (KORE-in-del): Enthanim royal who attempted to drive Malek from Agia Muldonai and betrayed the Great Bear at the beginning of the Third Age.
Council of Twelve: The twelve Titans to whom Allfather entrusted the care of Kirthanin. The Council dwelt in Avalione on Agia Muldonai, but frequently they would clothe themselves in human form and travel throughout the land. The greatest of these was Malek, whose Rebellion ultimately brought about the destruction of the Twelve.
Crystal Fountain: Believed to be the fountainhead of all Kirthanin waters, this fountain once flowed in the center of Avalione.
cyranis (sir-AN-iss): A poison of remarkable potency that can kill most living things almost instantly if it gets into the bloodstream. Consequently, the cyranic arrow-the head of which is coated in cyranis-is one of few weapons that the people of Kirthanin trust against the Malekim.
Daaltaran (doll-TARE-an): Aljeron's sword, a Firstblade whose name means "death comes to all."
Dal Harat (DOLL HARE-at): Village in western Suthanin, Joraiem Andira's home.
Darias (DARE-ee-us): Novaana of Suthanin (Kel Imlarin), Calissa's brother.
Derrion Wel (DARE-ee-un WELL): Town in southeastern Suthanin.
draal (DRAWL): A tight-knit community of Great Bear.
dragon tower: These ancient structures were built in the First Age as homes away from home for dragons who naturally live in the high places of Kirthanin's mountains and prefer to sleep high above the ground.
dragons: One of the three great races of Kirthanin. All dragons are descended from the golden dragon, Sulmandir, the first creation of Allfather after the Titans. All dragons appear at first glance to be golden, but none except Sulmandir are entirely golden. Three dragon lines exist, marked by their distinct coloring: red, blue, and green.
Eliandir (el-ee-AN-deer): A red dragon.
Elnin Wood (EL-nin): Suthanin forest south of Vol Tumian.
Elnindraal (EL-nin-drawl): The draal of Great Bear living in Suthanin's Elnin Wood.
Elsora Andira (el-SORE-uh an-DEER-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Dal Harat), Joraiem's mother.
Elyas (eh-LIE-us): Novaana of Werthanin, Bryar's younger brother.
Enthanin (EN-than-in): Kirthanin's eastern country. Residents are Enthanim.
Erevir (AIR-uh-veer): Major prophet of Allfather in the Second Age.
Evrim Minluan (EV-rim MIN-loo-in): Joraiem's best friend in Dal Harat.
Fall Rise: See Seasons.
Fire Giant: See Vulsutyr.
First Age: The age of peace and harmony that preceded Malek's Rebellion. Not only did peace govern the affairs of men in the First Age, but the three great races of men, dragons, and Great Bear coexisted then in harmony. Any date given which refers to the First Age will be followed by the letters FA.
Firstblade: See Azmavarim.
Forbidden Isle: After Malek's failed Rebellion at the end of the First Age, he was driven from Kirthanin and took refuge on the Forbidden Isle, home of Vulsutyr, the Fire Giant.
Forest of Gyrin (GEAR-in): Forest south of Agia Muldonai.
Full Autumn: See Seasons.
Full Spring: See Seasons.
Full Summer: See Seasons.
Full Winter: See Seasons.
Garek Elathien (GAIR-ick el-ATH-ee-un): Novaana of Werthanin, Mindarin's father
garrion (GARE-ee-un): Mode of transport common in the First Age used by the Titans and some Novaana. Garrions came in many shapes and sizes, but they all functioned similarly: A dragon would pick up the garrion with his talons as he flew.
giants: See Vulsutyrim.
Great Bear: One of the three great races of Kirthanin. These magnificent creatures commonly stand two spans high and are ferocious fighters when need calls. Nevertheless, they are known for their great wisdom and gentleness.
Grendolai (GREN-doe-lie): Rumored to have been the joint creation of Malek and Vulsutyr, these terrifying creatures were reportedly used to attack the Dragon Towers when Malek invaded Kirthanin from the Forbidden Isle. They have not been seen since, and some believe their existence is wholly legendary.
gyre: A manmade dragon den built on top of a dragon tower.
Gyrindraal (GEAR-in-drawl): Clan of Great Bear inhabiting the Forest of Gyrin south of Agia Muldonai.
hour: See time.
Invasion, the: Malek's second attempt to conquer Kirthanin.
Joraiem Andira (jore-EYE-em an-DEER-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Dal Harat).
Karalin (CARE-uh-lin): Novaana from Enthanin (near Amaan Sul), crippled left ankle.
Kellisor Sea (KELL-ih-sore): The great internal sea of Kirthanin that lies directly south of Agia Muldonai.
Kelvan (KEL-vin): Novaana from Werthanin.
King Falcon: See windhover.
Kiraseth (KEER-uh-seth): Father of the Great Bear.
Kirthanin (KEER-than-in): The world in which the story takes place. Kirthanin comprises four countries on a single continent. Each country is defined by its geographic relationship to Agia Muldonai.
Kiruan River (KEER-oo-an): Marks the boundary of Werthanin and Nolthanin.
Koshti (KOSH-tee): Aljeron's tiger, battle brother.
Kurveen (kur-VEEN): Caan's sword, a Firstblade whose name means "quick kill."
Kyril Andira (KEER-il an-DEER-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Dal Harat), Joraiem's younger sister.
Lindan Wood (LIN-duhn): Forest in eastern Suthanin, just west of the Arimaar Mountains.
Lindandraal (LIN-duhn-drawl): Clan of Great Bear that resides west of the Arimaar Mountains in Lindan Wood.
Malek (MAH-leck): The greatest of Titans whose betrayal brought death to his Titan brothers and ruin to Kirthanin. Since the end of the Second Age and his second failed attempt to conquer all Kirthanin, he has ruled over Agia Muldonai and the surrounding area.
Malekim (MALL-uh-keem): Also known as Malek's Children, the Silent Ones, and the Voiceless. These creatures were first seen when Malek invaded Kirthanin at the end of the Second Age from the Forbidden Isle. A typical Malekim stands from a span and a third to a span and a half high and has a smooth thick grey hide. "Malekim" is both a singular and a plural term.
Marella Someris (muh-REL-uh so-MAIR-iss): Novaana and Queen of Enthanin, widow of Pedrone, Wylla's mother.
Margan (MAHR-gun): patrol bear of Lindandraal.
Merrion (MAIR-ee-un): White sea birds with blue stripes on their wings that can swim short distances underwater in pursuit of fish.
Mindarin Orlene (MIN-dar-in ore-LEAN): Novaana of Werthanin, Aelwyn's older sister.
Monias Andira (moe-NYE-us an-DEER-uh): Novaana of Suthanin (Dal Harat), Joraiem's father.
Mound: Central feature in the midseason rituals that focus on Agia Muldonai's need for cleansing.
Nal Gildoroth (NAL GIL-dore-oth): Solitary city on the Forbidden Isle.
Nol Rumar (KNOLL RUE-mar): small village in the north central plains of Werthanin.
Nolthanin (KNOLL-than-in): Kirthanin's northern country, largely in ruin during the Third Age.
Novaana (no-VAHN-uh): The nobility of human society in Kirthanin who at first governed human affairs under the direction of the Titans but have since adapted to autonomous control. Every seven years the Novaana between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five as of the first day of Spring Rise were to assemble from the first day of Spring Wane until the first day of Fall Wane. Sulare is commonly referred to as the Summerland. "Novaana" is both a singular and a plural term.
Nyan (NYE-un): Novaana of Suthanin (Cimaris Rul).
Pedraal Someris (PAY-drawl so-MAIR-iss): Novaana of Enthanin (Amaan Sul), Wylla's younger brother, Pedraan's older twin.
Pedraan Someris (PAY-drahn so-MAIR-iss): Novaana of Enthanin (Amaan Sul), Wylla's younger brother, Pedraal's younger twin.
Pedrone Someris (PAY-drone so-MAIR-iss): Last king of Enthanin, deceased.
Peris Mil (PARE-iss MILL): Town south of Kellisor Sea on the Barunaan River.
Rucaran the Great (RUE-car-en): Father of the Black Wolves.
Rulalin Tarasir (rue-LAH-lin TARE-us-ear): Novaana of Werthanin (Fel Edorath), who loves Wylla Someris.
Ruun Harak (RUNE HARE-ack): A spear given to Andunin by Malek.
Saegan (SIGH-gan): Novaana of Enthanin (Tol Emuna).
Sarneth (SAHR-neth): A lord among Great Bear, one of the few to still hold commerce with men.
seasons: As a largely agrarian world, Kirthanin follows a calendar that revolves around the four seasons. Each season is subdivided into three distinct periods, each of which contains thirty days. For example, the first thirty days of Summer are known as Summer Rise, the middle thirty days as Full Summer, and the last thirty as Summer Wane.
Second Age: The period that followed Malek's Rebellion and preceded his return to Kirthanin. The Second Age was largely a time of peace until a massive civil war devastated Kirthanin's defenses and opened the door for Malek's second attempt at total conquest. Any date given which refers to the Second Age will be followed by the letters SA.
Shalin Bel (SHALL-in BELL): Large city of Werthanin.
Silent One: See Malekim.
slow time: See torrim redara.
span: The most common form of measurement in Kirthanin. Its origin is forgotten but it could refer to the length of a man. A span is approximately 10 hands or what we would call 6 feet.
Spring Rise: See seasons.
Spring Wane: See seasons.
Sulare (sue-LAHR-ee): Also known as the Sumerland. At the beginning of the Third Age the Assembly decreed that Sulare, a retreat at the southern tip of Kirthanin, would be the place where every seven years all Novaana between the ages of eighteen and twenty-five were to assemble from the first day of Spring Wane until the first day of Fall Wane.
Sulmandir (sul-man-DEER): Also known as Father of the Dragons and the Golden Dragon. He is the most magnificent of all Allfather's creations besides the Titans. After many of his children died during Malek's invasion of Kirthanin at the end of the Second Age, Sulmandir disappeared.
Summer Rise: See Seasons.
Summer Wane: See Seasons.
Summerland: Sulare.
Suruna (suh-RUE-nuh): Joraiem Andira's bow, previously his father's, whose name means "sure one."
Suthanin (SUE-than-in): The largest of Kirthanin's four countries, occupying the southern third of the continent. Ruled by a loose council of Navaana. Residents are Suthanim.
Synoki (sin-OH-kee): A castaway on the Forbidden Isle.
Tal Kuvarin (TAL KOO-var-in): Novaana friend of Monias in Peris Mil.
Tarin (TARE-in): Novaana of Enthanin, Valia's cousin.
Tarlin (TAHR-lin): Andunin's son.
Third Age: The present age, which began with the fall and occupation of Agia Muldonai by Malek.
time: Time in Kirthanin is reckoned differently during the day and the night. Daytime is divided into twelve Hours. First Hour begins at what we would call 7 A.M. and Twelfth Hour ends at what we would call 7 P.M. Nighttime is divided into four watches, each three hours long. So First Watch runs from 7 P.M. to 10 P.M. and so on through the night until First Hour.
Titans: Those first created by Allfather who were given the authority to rule Kirthanin on Allfather's behalf. Their great power was used to do many remarkable things before Malek's rebellion ruined them.
torrim redara (TORE-eem ruh-DAR-uh): Prophetic state of being temporarily outside of time.
Ulmindos (ul-MIN-doss): High captain of the ships of Sulare.
Ulutyr (OO-loo-teer): Vulsutyrim captor of the women on the Forbidden Isle.
Valia (vuh-LEE-uh): Novaana of Enthanin, Tarin's cousin.
Valzaan (val-ZAHN): The blind prophet of Allfather.
Voiceless: See Malekim.
Vol Tumian (VAHL TOO-my-an): Village along the Barunaan River between Peris Mil and Cimaris Rul.
Vulsutyr (VUL-sue-teer): Also known as Father of the Giants and the Fire Giant. Vulsutyr ruled the Forbidden Isle and gave shelter to Malek when he fled Kirthanin. At first he was but little more than a distant host, but Malek eventually seduced Vulsutyr to help him plan and prepare for his invasion of Kirthanin. This giant was killed by Sulmandir at the end of the Second Age.
Vulsutyrim (vul-sue-TER-eem): Name for all descendants of Vulsutyr; both a singular and a plural.
War of Division: Civil war that weakened Kirthanin's defenses against Malek at the end of the Second Age.
Water Stones: Stone formations created by the upward thrust of water released from the great deep at the creation of the world.
Werthanin (WARE-than-in): Kirthanin's western country. Residents are Werthanim.
windhover: Small brown falcons that are seen as "holy" birds in some areas of Kirthanin because of some stories that associate them with Agia Muldonai.
Winter Rise: See Seasons.
Winter Wane: See Seasons.
Wylla Someris (WILL-uh so-MAIR-iss): Princess Novaana of Enthanin (Amaan Sul), future queen.
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